Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anvil Leather Belts are made for WHOOPIN'!

Anvil Leather Belts are becoming more & more sought after! I've been building as many belts as I have wallets! I GUARANTEE you will NOT find a heavier duty, more well built belt than right here at Anvil. Skip the stores, buy an ANVIL!

1.5" wide and THICK
No cost cuts! I only use European Single Bend Leather.
Stitching lays down inside a cut channel
Not wimpy & supple....this belt is made for WHOOPIN'!
Nickle plated, solid brass buckle comes with every belt....
Or unsnap buckle to install your OWN buckle.
Brown Or Black

Friday, August 12, 2011

Freshly Handtooled Custom Leather Chopper Solo Seat

Straight outta the Anvil Customs Shop comes with freshly handtooled leather chopper seat....

Tis built on Anvil's NEWEST pan style: 16x12" Tractor seat. Color is original from Anvil Customs, called: "Dirty Brit". Lacing is brown kangaroo leather. This particular motorcycle seat pattern is the most comfortable from Anvil Customs....its added size creates a very hugging, very secure sitting area.....feels very good to ride on! Take a look here and see more pics on the "Cool Stuff for Sale" ...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anvil Customs Leather Chopper Seat: for

Recently put together a seat for Phil Kilburn of Heritage Cycles. You can find Phil @ Heritage on facebook here:

Phil chose a 15x11" Anvil Teardrop Seat, Black with brown tooling details (the Heritage logo). Phil puts together some really kool custom motorcycles in his shop....he always loves a visit so if you're in his area, check out the shop!

And if you are interested in having your own custom chopper seat built, please visit my site and call kool doods.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW Custom Chopper Motorcycle Leather Seat: "The Vintage"

Here is the latest custom leather seat to leave the Anvil Customs shop.....

"The Vintage" is a great looking seat. Tan on each side of the Black center stripe with black genuine kangaroo leather lacing. Just a very good and classic look that compliments many styles of bikes....

This one has shipped to Hawaii and I'll be posting pictures of it mounted on the customer's harley as soon as I get them....

Thanks for looking

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Custom Leather Chopper Seat built for Leroy in Poplar Bluff, MO

When Leroy called and wanted a seat built for his chopper....he only wanted to give me a few specifics about the motorcycle and wanted me to "get creative". So here we are.....

Black leather with steel screen inlays, red kangaroo lacing, and stainless allen bolts to match with the same stainless allen bolts along the rear fender.

Thanks for the call, Leroy!