Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We have THREE NEW Websites for your custom leather living!

Well here they are:


and of course, our existing: www.anvilcustoms.com

Do yourself a favor, check this out!

Custom leather motorcycle seats, chopper parts, gun holsters, leather wallets, chain wallets, Whiskey Bottle Holsters, bags, purses, and more customized leather accessories! Makes great christmas gifts!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check out my NEW Website: www.leatherchainwallets.com for your next Leather Wallet!!

For the highest style & performance in Leather Wallets.....you will not go wrong with an ANVIL WALLET. Check these sweety wallets out at: www.leatherchainwallets.com

Full length Biker wallets, 3/4" length chain wallets, and pocket wallets!!! Very cool. Check it, don't wreck it.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Too busy to BLOG!!!!

Been way too busy to blog these days......just returned from Las Vegas Bikefest which was a huge success. Many a chopper graced the floors of Cashman Center and many of those choppers were built by the hands of some amazing builders.....true builders that is!

I must say, one of my favorite builders is Satya Kraus of KRAUS MOTOR CO. This young builder puts together some of the most functional bike art your eyes have laid upon. He also sells parts that he builds himself to aid you in your own bike build. Check him out: www.krausmotorco.com

Friday, August 28, 2009

1984 And 1973 Harley-Davidson Sportster - Motorheads

1984 And 1973 Harley-Davidson Sportster - Motorheads
Ironhead Freedom

According to: Toph Bocchiaro

History is definitely on the side of the mighty Sportster. It's the lightest, sleekest, and inch-for-inch the powerhouse of the extensive Harley-Davidson history. Unveiled in 1957, the unit construction mill with trapdoor gearbox was the evolution of the K-models that ripped up the street and strip. A major innovation of the XL motor was the inclusion of overhead valves and the addition of the iconoclastic Shovelhead-style rocker-arm covers. Retained from the K were the four-cam configuration and transmission cavity cast into the crankcase. The quad-cam arrangement meant better valve control through reduced pushrod angles, and the one-piece motor/tranny case made the combo lighter and more rigid than a Big Twin.

Originally offered in 55 ci (883cc) the XL grew to 61 ci (1000cc) in 1972 along with the less Shovelead-like notched rocker cover. We stumbled upon two great examples of Ironheads spanning two decades of production; a '73 electric-leg only, right-side shift and a late AMF '84 model. Rigid and raw, four-speed, rollin, smokin' freakshows. Turns out these two bikes and their riders, Devin and Kazoo, ride and work together.

Devin's Sporty started out as a garage-find, basket case, '73 swingarm bike. Over the course of a few years the bike was treated to all sorts of nastiness, the uglier the better. Devin, who owns Freedom Cycles in Orange County, California, ditched the shocks in favor of a swap meet special weld-on hardtail kit. Keeping with the theme, the welds were left raw as was the hobbled together front section of the frame. This bike was built to ride, it's lean, quick, and raw. There's no paint, and extremely minimal extras. In fact, there's nothing on the bike other than a small round mirror that wasn't chopped and tossed. There's no front brake or fender attached to the narrow-glide front end. There's no rear brake pedal instead the right side handlebar lever controls the single caliper. For the most part the motor is stock, but is fed through a Mikuni carb.

Kazoo, originally hailing from Hiroshima, Japan, bought his Ironhead in relatively stock form. He rode it for awhile like that but wanted to change the bike into something as small and maen as possible. Cash was the only problem. As a surprise for his B-day his friends pitched in to cover the cost of a Paughco rigid frame. Once the motor was put into the frame the other parts came along slowly; scouring local swaps and getting takeoff parts from Freedom. Like Devin's bike, Kazoo's rides on dual 19-inch wheels and tires. His split head XL features an S&S Super carb and free breathing velocity stack. His custom graphics come from a spray can along with the custom Mother Mary sticker on the tank. When asked about the cosmic significance of the symbol, Kazoo smiled and said, ihe just liked the looks,i and iit's good luck.i So there you have it.

These two, board track, dirt slider Ironheads run like bat's out of hell. They're fast and dripping with attitude. These bikes were built in the style of the true chopperoto primarily be ridden hard and fast, and not to impress. It turns out they're pretty good off road too as we ripped around the mountains for an afternoon for the photoshoot. SC

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ozark Antique Auto Swapmeet and HAMB Drags....all in one day!!

Some sweety action going on today people, because TODAY is not only day number two of the Antique Auto Swapmeet at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, but also the HAMB DRAGS down, north of Joplin, MO! Should be quite a trip.....I'll post up pics soon. Hotrods, bobbers, dragbikes, Jalopys, ratrods, and so much more! I can't get enough.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Custom Leather Belts, wallets, several seats, a clutch bag, and more.....crazy BUSY!!

Well SUMMER was a flop! I could barely keep the lights on 'round here! Now, I'm swimming in work orders.....what gives!? I love it, but it does keep me rather busy.....nearly working around the clock just to keep turn around time reasonable. Check out a few of the things I've been working on this past 3 weeks:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interesting article about building choppers/motorcycles in general

Business Opportunities in India
India has a booming economy and car and motorcycle ownership is increasing. It was not too long ago when the roads were populated with bicycles and now they are congested with Indian made cars and imported Mercedes, BMW and Bentley. Harley-Davidson wants to open their first authorised dealership in India and no doubt when this happens, there will be more dealerships opening throughout India as the market expands along with the economy and new bike owners become hungry for the many accessories that many companies make for them. V-Twin Custom motorcycles have a world-wide following from people wanting something individual and exciting who want to build their own custom or to have someone build one for them. This business will not be competing with the moped, low capacity or even the Royal Enfield market. It is entering and creating a totally new market and your customers will be professionals, business people, even movie stars with a high disposable income.

The Opportunity – V Twin Custom Motorcycles
Parts to build these motorcycles will attract import duty rates of only 35% compared to 100% for importing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This makes V-Twin Custom motorcycles a better business opportunity in comparison. It is good business sense to be in at the start of a good business opportunity rather than at the middle or end enabling you to take advantage of the lack of competition and to expand quickly allowing you to create your own brand and franchise chain, building and supplying complete V-Twin Custom motorcycles or supplying parts to people who want to build their own bike. When Harley-Davidson do open up dealerships in India your business will be well placed to offer owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles a range of unique accessories not available through an authorised HD dealer. You would also be in a very competitive position to build and export custom motorcycles throughout Asia and elsewhere! India is also well able to design, manufacture and sell custom parts to a global market. India has a vibrant and varied media together with Bollywood and when all these become involved with the V-Twin motorcycle, exciting things can happen. Business people with vision and sound business knowledge can benefit from this potentially very lucrative business opportunity.
How we can help
A R Harley & Sons(2008) Ltd has been established since 1996 and has grown to become a leading player in the manufacture and distribution of Parts and accessories for both Harley-Davidson motorcycles and American V-Twin custom motorcycles. Alistair Harley is a writer and web content advisor and writes for motorcycle, car and lifestyle magazines. We can help you look at different business models in relation to your financial position to ensure you have a sound basis for your new business. We can arrange visits to existing retail and manufacturing businesses in Europe and the USA to let you see the range of options available to you. We can advise you with specialist technical and Custom bike builder training, Training material and marketing advice, Website Promotion material, appropriate Logo as well as establish links with trusted suppliers and avoid some of the pitfalls that a new business can experience. We can help market your business, in India and throughout the world(see www.alistairharley.com). We have a vast store of pictures and parts to use in marketing and advertising and website construction. We have specialist website designers who can design or advise on website design, although India already has many website designers. We can advise on cost effective business operations. We have an import agent in Mumbai who is experienced in this area and can assist if required with freight arrangements.
Choosing a business model
Building and selling custom bikes is not purely a matter of starting a business carrying out these activities. American V Twin Custom bikes are an extension of the Harley Davidson Business model which involves

1. building bikes with or without your own brand
2. Modifying and customising motorcycles. Skills employed building V Twin bikes are directly transferable to making alterations to all motorcycles. For any distinctive and successful market penetration it would be important to market the V Twin marque for maximum marketing opportunity. The arrival of Harley-Davidson in India will present an opportunity to sell parts and accessories, customising and fabrication servics to HD bike owners. You can also offer these services directly to HD Dealerships as happens already in Europe and USA. The website(www.harleycustom.in) contains many parts that fit directly to most HD models and which would not normally be sold by HD dealers themselves.
3. selling bikes with or without your brand attached
4. selling clothing and accessories along with your own brand
5. Social events, Owners club, discount schemes, insurance and warranty, also involving your brand
6. cafes and restaurants, also promoting your individual brand
7. see http://www.ace-cafe-london.com/Videos.aspx (not the best example, but it’s the only example I know about)

We can be involved in whatever way you consider appropriate. We can work with whatever brief you have and will advise what we can or cannot offer or what additional resources will be useful to examining your intended business activities.

Business Model
Firstly I need to tell you a few things to clarify what our relationship will be.
1. You will be a self-supporting business. I don’t offer a franchise because I have no business presence in India. When your business becomes successful you may want to sell franchises to other people.
2. I can provide you with the right information to ensure you choose the right products at the lowest prices
3. I wont take any commission because you need to buy parts at the lowest possible price
4. If your business does well I will leave it to you to decide if my help was worthwhile and if you think I need any reward. But forget this aspect at the moment because you have much work to do.
5. Registration/insurance is something very important to get right. In India, because it’s not been done yet it is still an unknown. S&S Engines should satisfy the Indian emission regulations and you will need a European legal exhaust. It shouldn’t be a big problem to get registered, but because it is still an unknown quantity it should be treated as a problem until it is solved. Talk to whomever you need to until you get that part sorted.
6. Imports...........as an example of a lowest cost custom bike these are the possible costs in US$
Bike kit...................................10000
Ship to you from USA...............900
Additional parts.....to finish bike 1000
35% import duty.......................4165.....................I can put you in touch with a good import agent in Bombay
Your build cost and profit.............2000
price to customer.......................US$18565
the bike kit prices are lowest price/best value option. An S&S motor will cost US$1000 more(plus 35% import duty) many can cost more. Importing an OCC/Big Dog V Twin bike from the USA may have to retail in India at US$60000 plus

Do some market research in your area. Do you think there are sufficient people with too much money who can afford a US$20000 plus bike? With the benefit of the internet and magazines and advertising, you dont have to limit your business to local customers and you can build bikes for anyone throughout India. In due course as your business expands, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be building bikes further that the Indian borders. I have taken a quick look at Bangalore on the internet and from an economic perspective, it presents a positive view that you could have many customers. Although in India there are many motorcycles, these are mostly small capacity along with the Royal Enfield and some higher value Japanese sportbikes. V Twin custom bikes will cost substantially more and are not utilitarian vehicles. They are expensive toys and people that will be attracted to buy them are BMW and Mercedes drivers.................but they will need some persuasion to buy a motorcycle that much more expensive than any other in India. One option is to also offer a custom bike using a Royal Enfield engine..........this will enable to widen your customer base.
Building a bike is easy compared to making sure you can get the bike registered. The emissions, noise and safety rules have to be researched to ensure any parts you use will be part of a road legal bike.
There is another business in Bombay getting started who wants to buy as much as possible in India and also make frames and other parts. You may consider doing the same or even consider buying some parts from them. They may be able to share some information with you. Some US and one Dutch company have factories in China and it might be viable to bring parts from there instead of shipping parts over from USA
The most important part of getting thing right is to make sure you treat this as pure business proposition. You do of course need enthusiasm and interest in bikes and building them, but let your business head rule your enthusiasm instead of vice versa. Many businesses in UK/Europe have failed because some people with a strong interest in bikes didnt have strong enough business knowledge to make their business work.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anvil's BIG Sale: NEW Chopper Seat & Hardmount Toolbag, only $399 !!!!

I know, I know, I'm going crazy! It's been a VERY busy summer and with the dog days on us, I'm not about to slow things down. Anvil Customs is offering up a SWEET Classic Black Seat & their NEW Hard-Mounted Classic Black Toolbag for only $399!!

This great Hard-Mount Toolbag uses Aluminum Billet Frame Clamps to mount to the SIDE of your frame, down low in front between your feet or directly to your handle bars!!

You choose Seat Size: 15x11" or 13x9.5"
You choose Mount Clamp Size (size of tube the clamps will mount to): 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" & 1 3/8"

This deal is NOT available on the website, so you will have to call Ryan at Anvil Customs to order: (417)766-8055

Check out it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tig Welded Stainless Rack Handle on Anvil Customs CLASSIC Black Seat

Cool little Stainless Rack Handle installed on one of my Classic Black Seats. Customer won't have a problem holding onto this one. This seat is going on a Harley Nightster. Enjoy the pics....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anvil Customs Vintage SIDE BAG......

Better than any saddlebag....this SIDEBAG will soon be a classic and must have for any bike. Built from heavy weighted leather for a structure and heavy duty look, it STRAPS directly to your bike's rear hardtail or swingarm. LOTS of room to store some clothes, tools, sidearm, beer, whatever you need to carry. Hand laced with kangaroo leather lacing. Your choice of color. Check out these bags here: http://anvilcustoms.com/catalog/i12.html

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am now a member of CHOP CULT (website for chopper lovers of all kinds!)

Even though the site is NOT launched yet, I had the opportunity to sign up as a member of CHOPCULT, www.chopcult.com. After being able to SNEAK PEAK this site, I can say that I LOVE IT. Highly polished site with all the great features like ability to create your own photo albums, FREE Classifieds, BLOGS, Videos, TECH Stuff, and much more Old School & Hand Built CHOPPER related stuff.

LAUNCH DATE is August 1, 2009. Just around the corner.....check out it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm trading LEATHERWORK for good parts for my Chopper Build.....any takers?

Here's the deal, I'm building a chop. I am needing an engine (80" evo will do fine), good tranny, headlight/taillights, carb, brakes. So far, I've traded leatherwork for EVERYTHING about my build. Most recently a fantastic Harley Closed Primary for a seat! If you have parts laying around, that you don't want, email me pictures: anvildood@hotmail.com

Thanks doods......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harley Davidson #1/Rebel Flag Motorcycle Seat

Harley Davidson #1/Rebel Flag Motorcycle Seat built for Kirk. Thank you Kirk, for the order. It was quite a doozy of a project that took me many more hours than planned, but it is complete and ready to ride! Now all you need is a matching Rebel Flag Side Bag or Toolbag for your bike!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Putting Motorcycle Seats to the side today.......

and heading for the LAKE with some buds and BREW!!

I've been needing a break for sometime now. The shop is an absolute WRECK as I've been very busy. So, screw it, I'm going to the lake. Its a nice 82 degrees today, perfect for sitting, drinking.

But people, this does not mean that you can't call me to place all those orders you've been meaning to, OR just to shoot the breeze, after all, that's all I'm doing this weekend, shooting the breeze!

Have fun, ride safe.


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Monday, July 13, 2009

"So Provoked" Chopper Seat built for Andrew C.'s Harley

Thanks for the order Andrew! You were great to work with......and I really enjoyed building this seat for you. Later bro....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WOW...whatta PARTY!!! SMOKEOUT TEN....

Pure madness, and lots of chops! Great time was had by all. Met some new friends who came by the booth, some even hung out all day with me......I really enjoyed the company.

HELLO to my new friends at Mob Town Originals. Check them out at: www.mobtownoriginals.blogspot.com

I will get some pics up soon enough!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Heading to the SMOKEOUT East....at the ROCK!!

Should be a blast! Lotsa bikes, lotsa cool dudes, lotsa cool parts! Check it out: http://www.smokeoutrally.com/

I've got a 15 hour drive ahead of me, but it'll be fun perusing the Smokey Mountains on the way there. Might even have to stop by for a quick tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery.....

By the way, did I ever mention my wife is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR as of recent?? Well she is and she is hot on the trail to raise some MOOLA $$$ to help OTHER Cancer patience fight the fight! She and I along with a few others are "RACING for a CURE" through the Susan Komen Foundation in St. Louis, MO. They require a minimum Raised Amount from our team so Please consider donating what you can.....minimum donation of $5.

First, please visit my wife (Melody's) website to read her story of her journey with CANCER last year: http://www.myfightagainstbreastcancer.com/

Thanks for all your help, whether you donate OR just send a few encouraging words to my wife, Melody (email her through her site!)

Cheers all!!!



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recent WCC CFL Seat work from Anvil Customs

Recent custom leather seat jobs for clients. Check out my NEWLY UPDATED website: http://www.anvilcustoms.com/
I have listed so many more chopper parts on my site including, jockey shift knobs, more seats, more bags, belts, wallets, gun holsters, and more stuff!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick as a dog....but still had some left in me to finished an order or two this week....

So, here are some more wallets that I've been working on for a few clients. Get em' while they're HOT!!! >>>>>>>>> www.anvilleather.com ...... call me: (417)766-8055