Friday, September 20, 2013

Leather Chain Wallets from PunkHipster Leather: Handmade in USA

Leather Chain Wallets and any leather products from PunkHipster are unique right off the bat. In fact, everything from PunkHipster is limited edition due to the fact that PunkHipster purchases SMALL lots of leather hides (chosen by hand in LA, NY & Springfield, MO). Whenever PunkHipster finds a unique set of leather hides, it is purchased for a specific product such as leather bifolds, leather cuffs, good leather belts, it just depends on the hide itself. The cool thing is, the leather is always something HARD TO FIND, and very unique, it's something for the individual. Typically, only less than 50 units will be built from the stock of leather hides purchased. This makes each and every PunkHipster product rare, scarce, and unique to the individual buyer. Want something no one else has??? Go to the PunkHipster website and make your choice now: good leather belts: leather chain wallets: wallet chains: leather cuffs, leather bracelets: leather key fobs: leather accessories: cool bifold wallets, handmade wallets, handmade leather belt, handmade keychain, chainmaille, chainmaille wallet chain