Monday, January 9, 2012

NEW Wallet Interiors for Anvil's Bifold, Trifold & Long Biker Chain Wallets!

Long awaited, long requested......and they are HERE!!! Ryan @ Anvil Customs has redesigned the interiors of all 3 of his fullsize wallets: Bifold, Trifold & Long Biker wallets. As for the bifold and trifold wallets, the new interior makes the whole leather wallet even more strong and more indestructible than ever before! The Long Biker Wallet has a new interior that includes 4 cards slots on EACH side which totals 8 card slots as well as the 2 bill sections. All the wallets still snap shut and come with a chain & leather fob! Don't wait long.....Anvil's list keeps getting longer everyday!

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