Monday, May 11, 2009

Heading to the SMOKEOUT the ROCK!!

Should be a blast! Lotsa bikes, lotsa cool dudes, lotsa cool parts! Check it out:

I've got a 15 hour drive ahead of me, but it'll be fun perusing the Smokey Mountains on the way there. Might even have to stop by for a quick tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery.....

By the way, did I ever mention my wife is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR as of recent?? Well she is and she is hot on the trail to raise some MOOLA $$$ to help OTHER Cancer patience fight the fight! She and I along with a few others are "RACING for a CURE" through the Susan Komen Foundation in St. Louis, MO. They require a minimum Raised Amount from our team so Please consider donating what you can.....minimum donation of $5.

First, please visit my wife (Melody's) website to read her story of her journey with CANCER last year:

Thanks for all your help, whether you donate OR just send a few encouraging words to my wife, Melody (email her through her site!)

Cheers all!!!


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